The School recognizes the fact that for students to properly fit into the society they need sound training not only in the academic but also in social activities. A good number of clubs exist in Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model College. They include:

  1. Press Club.
  2. Junior Engineers, Technologists and Scientists (JETS) Club.
  3. Literary/Debate Club
  4. Mathematics Club
  5. Art Club
  6. French Club
  7. Instrumentalist Club
  8. Choral Group
  9. Cultural Group
  10. Drama Group
  11. Craft and Decoration Group
  12. Young Farmers Club
  13. Technical Group
  14. Man O’ War Society Club
  15. Red Cross Society Club
  16. Boys & Girl Brigade Society Club

Every club is equally important as the other, therefore new students are not allowed to choose a club for themselves. They are short listed into the club they will belong till they graduate. All students of  the College are members of the Quiz/Debating club.