All students who graduated from the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model College Ibonwon – Epe, Lagos State are automatically eligible to join the Alumni Association. The association is continually growing as the school’s longevity increases. As an association, the aim and objectives are:

Section 1: The organization shall be known as the EHJMCOSA.

Section 2: The objectives of this association shall be as follows:

  1. To assist students of the EHJMC in the academics, extra-curricular and social aspects of their life.
  2. To contribute to the growth and development of the EHJMC financially and spiritually.
  3. To serve as a liaison between the EHJMC graduates and the school.


Section 1:        The Executive officers of the association shall consist of the following members: President, Vice- President and Secretary all based on election.

Section2:         Officers and Duties:

President shall call and preside over the meetings of the association; will be responsible for communications to representatives and act as official   representative of the   association to the EHJMCOSA.


The association shall, in compliance with the rules and regulations of the school formulate its own by-laws and rules of procedure, subject to approval by the Principal.

Meetings: A minimum of one General Meeting of the Association will be held every year. A minimum of one meeting of the representative committee will be held. These meetings will be open to the entire Association membership. The date of each meeting will be announced


A. Protect the unity of EHJMCOSA, by:

  1. respecting the constitution.
  2. acting in love toward other members of the Association.
  3. detesting and shunning all forms of discord.

B. Share the responsibilities of EHJMCOSA, by:

  1. praying for its continuous existence.
  2. promoting its activities.
  3. welcoming new members into the Alumni.

C. Serve in the interest of EHJMCOSA by:

  1. being hardworking, honest and available.
  2. seeing myself as an effective and resourceful member.
  3. submitting to the leadership of the Association.

B. Support and uphold the essence of EHJMCOSA by:

  1. attending the meeting faithfully.
  2. being a good ambassador of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model College.
  3. paying my dues and other contributions regularly.